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A website devoted to the history and lore
of blues harmonica music ~ www.bluesharp.ca

instructional videos, blues harp tabs, and recordings by ADAM GUSSOW, handcrafted in Oxford, Mississippi...

Feel Like Playing Out Tonight But Don’t Know Where To Go?

Find Open Mics. Nearby (in the US) Any Day Of The Week!


I came across this really cool site and just had to post it.





You’ve Got To Love This One!

Great Site Presenting Harmonica Players From All Nations,

Harp Events & More Resources…


Blues music in a FREE weekly magazine, on our website and our social pages. At Blues Blast Magazine, you will find reviews, interviews, videos, and more about the best in Blues music.


The Blues Show with Jonny Meister airs Saturday nights


from 7PM to Midnight on WXPN. 




This is just a Great resource! Diatonic Harmonica Reference

Put together by Mr. Myquill A.K.A. Brassha’per, This site is like an encyclopedia of knowledge about the diatonic harmonica.  Don’t miss this!


Are you a member of SPAH(Society For The Preservation And Advancement Ot The Harmonica) SPAH is a great organization for harmonica players.

SPAH publishes Harmonica Happenings, a quarterly magazine with harmonica news from around the world including seminar and convention listings, articles on playing techniques, repairs, harmonica clubs and famous harmonica players and groups, and information on recently released recordings and harmonica products,

Tap Here To Reach SPAH



Harp-L is an email list for all things harmonica. Harp-L is a subscription mailing list, meaning that only subscribers can send messages to the list". 

Tap Here To Join Harp-L




Check out this Link ~

JT30 – Amplified Blues Harmonica


"Hunter Harp - The Site For Harp Players" - Interested in Harp Gear?  


Along with some state-of-the-art gear for the harp player, Richard Hunter has a Harmonica Blog, Player's Resources Area, CD's for sale and much more... Take a look and see at:


~ David Barrett

Here is another Excellent  MasterClass Player offering instruction.

 “ David Barrett is the world’s most published author of blues harmonica education material, a leading clinician and Grammy nominated recording artist . With over 3,000 lesson videos, lesson plans for all skill level players, downloadable mp3’s and pdf’s along with forum experts and contributors”.

(Quote is from David’s Wesite)  Visit  http://www.BluesHarmonica.com 

Also; https://www.harmonicamasterclass.com//



Are You A Beginner?

Blues Harmonica For Dummies Paperback  by Winslow Yerxa    



The fun and easy way to play blues on the harmonica

Blues harmonica is the most popular and influential style of harmonica playing, and it forms the basis for playing harmonica in other styles such as rock and country. Blues Harmonica for Dummies gives you a wealth of content devoted to the blues approach—specific techniques and applications, including bending and making your notes sound richer and fuller with tongue-blocked enhancements; use of amplification to develop a blues sound; blues licks and riffs; constructing a blues harmonica solo; accompanying singers; historical development of blues styles; and important blues players and recordings.” Quoted From the Amazon Website).



Amplified Harmonica?
THIS is the place.

Harmonica Microphones 
and more…

I met Greg Heumann years later after purchased several of his products online.  He is a fine craftsman and blues harp player committed to producing high quality products. If you need a pro microphone and/or volume control, seriously consider Greg’s products.

Vist his site -  http://www.blowsmeaway.com/


New Website

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