~ Blues For Your Soul ~
~ Blues For Your Soul ~

~Links to blues superharp celebrities, friends, acquaintances, just cool cats & comments...

Do ya love the Blues? Are you just getting started playing harmonica? Play harp in a Blues Band? Check out the videos on these pages and see the other resources (links) for harp players. You will likely find something here to enjoy in the diversity of these blues harp players and their styles.

Below is a link to one of my videos on YouTube.

The guitarist and vocalist is my friend Gregory Underwood of Philadelphia. Gregory is a most exceptional musician and song writer.

Besides being a guitarist, Gregory also plays keyboards, percussion, drums and probably a few other instruments that I've failed to mention. He's a stone cold musician and comes from a family of musicians and vocalists.




~ PA, PHILADELPHIA & Suburbs...


You can hear tracks from our CD and view my photography at http://www.ankorpoint.net/musicians/ Also click on the CD image to the right to get a larger picture.


~ "The Russ Lambert Shakedancer Band". Russ is known for not only his dynamic harmonica playing and fine vocals but for his great showmanship. His specialty is "Jump Blues" as traditionally played with amplified harp.


Russ's FACEBOOK page. 




Steve Guyger is a,"Philly Harmonica Legend". He often plays in the Philadelphia area and its suburbs. He is a Master class player, fine vocalist and songwriter.



My friend, Seth Holzman, is a passionate harp player and is a professional harmonica teacher. Seth has performed with Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, John Mooney, Roomful of Blues, Dave "Honeyboy" Edwards, Magic Slim, Big Jack Johnson, Ronnie Earl, and others. 

See him performing with his Guitarist,"Johnny Never", at this link.



The Harp player in the Youtube above is my friend Don "Zig" Zeller of,"Blues Bizness". Zig not only fronts the band on harp and vocals but kills it as a blues guitarist. 






These Bluesmen are two of the finesest Philly has to offer. They give Classic and Jump Blues, new life. The combination of Slim's creative harp techniques and Tim's high octane guitar playing is a perfect match and mind meld for the listener. Both musicians trade off on vocals and much of their set list are originals tunes that given time, are sure to become blues classics. Photo credit Tom Delorenzo.


Their new CD release "SLIM AND THE PERKOLATORS" is available at their website.  https://slimandtheperkolators.com/home#bio  also Facebook



From Bucks County Pa., "Mikey Junior burst onto the blues scene less than a dozen years ago and since that time has amassed an impressive catalog of music and praise from both music fans and industry insiders". 

He is a staple at Philadelphia's Twisted Tail Restaurant often hosting Open Mic's on Sundays. You can find his touring schedule and recordings at his site: www.mikeyjunior.com.

EEZREEDER is a great place to buy your Harmonicas. It is owned by a really good harp player who deceided to make a business out of his passion for the instrument.

We call him "The Blues Rabbi AKA Rabbi Kosher Chittlin's" so if you need harps at a reasonable price and someone with a great amount of knowledge about this instrument, he's your man!


Tap Here To Reach His Website

~ tx,  Austin...

A Harp PLAYER'S Anthem - "Pocket Full Of Soul"

I was fortunate to meet Jimi Lee this year at the 51st SPAH Convention and see him perform. Amazing player and a great person. 

Jimi Lee is one of the formost musician's I have ever met.


Jimi's website is: http://www.jimileeband.com/bio/

~ From Portland Maine...current residence is New Orleans...

Another Masterclass Harp player, Great Teacher and Inspiration, that I have the privilage to call a friend is Jason Ricci. I got to know Jason, Shawn and "Buck Weed" the times they came through Philly and it's suburbs. It was then I had the opportunity to photograph them. Below is one of my favorite songs that Jason and the band perform. Jason's currently performs as a Trio with Guitarist/Frontman JJ Appleton and with bassist Tim Lefebvre. Check out their Most Excellent New CD,"Dirty Memory" on  ITunes and this youtube Most recently he also has a new band "Jason Ricci & the Band Kind"... CD "Approved By Snakes"                         https://youtu.be/FuA1mOlvdUY


Not to be Missed ! Visit His website where he offers lessons: 




 Also https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonricci


Wikipedia Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Ricci


~ Mi,  OXFORD...

Adam Gusso…

From his biography page…

As a blues harmonica player and teacher, Adam Gussow has few peers in the business".  Currently an Associate Professor of English and Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi with a specialty in blues literature and culture, Gussow was one of the first amplified blues harp players to make overblows a key element of his stylistic approach, adapting Howard Levy's innovations in the late 1980s in a way that helped usher in a new generation of overblow masters such as Jason Ricci and Chris Michalek.  According to a reviewer for American Harmonica Newsletter, Gussow's playing is characterized by "technical mastery and innovative brilliance that comes along once in a generation."



BTW; I've been reading Adam's book and it's outstanding...



~ Nj, Fort Lee...

“Dennis is the ‘The Real Deal’ – one of the best harmonica players in the world today” –WORLD OF HARMONICA


Dennis's Website:  http://dennisgruenling.com/

~ NY, New york...

Sugar Blue ~ Grammy Award Winner… 

"One of the foremost harmonica blowers in all of Modern blues..."
- Rolling Stones


I certainly thought so when I heard him play at Warmdaddy’s in Philly. His high energy and explosive style is captivating. 





~ Chi, ILlinois...

~ The Amazing Howard Levy - Leaves me speechless... well, almost ...



If you are unfamiliar with his playing, stop depriving yourself and visit his site, see him perform, buy his CD's and by all means check out his videos. You shouldn't be dissapointed. See this interview: http://youtu.be/XnPSbg9fdEU and Howard with the Flecktones. http://youtu.be/q0Q4CBDFaEc


 website: http://www.levyland.com/

~ Nc, Chapel hill...                                         ~ Harmonica Summit - 1998...

Joe Filisko

I had the pleasure to meet Joe Filisko, see him perform and attend one of his seminars this summer.  He was exceptional. Not only a Master player, Joe Filisko is a renown harmonica customize, teacher and historian. Press Photo - Courtesy of Hohner, Inc.



~ DC, Washington...

Phil Wiggins

I’ve got to admire Phil Wiggins Extraordinary Piedmont Blues harp style. Perhaps you will too.  ~ Photo by Roz Powell. ~ Below is a link to another of Phil's videos that has elements of an interview and performance. "The Key of Blues..."


His website is: http://www.philwiggins.com/

The Great Harmonica Busker (& Legend)  Mr. Charlie Sayles

I met Charlie in the 70’s when I was walking down the street in Philadelphia and he was Buskin in center city. He was singing and playing harp thru a Pig Nose amp and drawing a very large crowd. I played harp at that time but saw an opportunity to learn from Charlie. Fortunately, he told me he taught a class so I attended and he was my 1st harp instructor. Charlie Sayles is a unique, outstanding musician and songwriter.


~ Ma, cambridge...


Annie Raines

Annie Raines is pictured here with her guitarist, Paul Rishell. One can hear her influences such as Deford Bailey, Sonny Boy (John Lee) Williamson and Rice Miller, Sonny Terry and Little Walter.


Visit their site at: http://www.paulandannie.com/mojorodeo/


~ MS, Tunica...


I first saw James Cotton perform with his band in the 60's. I think of him as one of the Fathers of Blues Harp.

Don't forget to visit James Cotton's website at


~ tn, nashville...

Brandon O. Bailey

I met Brandon O. Bailey at the 2014 SPAH Convention in St. Louis Mo. He has only been playing a relatively short time yet has a Masterclass knowledge of the harmonica. We should all be so hard working. He presents an innovation called “Harpbox” in his video below. 

His website is:


~ TN, Kingston Springs...


PT Gazell

Designer of Gazell Method instruments, offering Richter tuned diatonic harmonicas that are half-valved.  This allows for the additional bending of all blow and draw notes to fill in the chromatic scale for Richter tuned diatonics. For more information go to:



Photo Credit: C.T. Kruger

~ tn, pigeon forge...

Mike Caldwell

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and seeing him perform 2014 at SPAH’s Annual Convention. I was blown away.  This country blues player has performed with; Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Boxcar Willy, and appeared on Country Tonite Show, Hee Haw, Nashville Now, The Opry Live and others.  Wonderful music and a great guy.~ Photo credit – Dan Vineyard, Visit Mike's site at:  http://www.mikecaldwellmusic.com/index.html

~ qc, montreal...



Bharath Rajakumar


Will the real Little Walter please stand up!

What  to know more about this harp player?


Bharath R’s Facebook page is:


~ ca, los angles...

Lee Oskar

This video below is called “A Soulful Prayer”, but might just as well be called, A Soulful Player. I’ve always appreciated Lee Oskar’s fine tone along with his clean and direct soulful blues expression. He also digitizes his harp at times to bring some very interesting effects. His dedication to the harmonica is renown having formed a company to sell his own line of signature harmonicas. 

Here is a 2nd video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIwDAToKdIk&index=16&list=RDC-Ppziwx6pM



Visit his site: http://www.leeoskarmusic.com/presskit/index.html

~ Ca, san jose...

Aki Kumar


For me at least, Aki Kumar seems to be a reincarnation of Little Walter. What I mean is that I’ve never heard a Little Walter tune played so true to the original by any other harp player. I mean this as a most sincere complement - being a great fan of Mr. Walter. Check out another video – Aki's version of the Little Walter instrumental, "Roller Coaster"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gojfmyloUPE 

~ Note: Photo Credit:Rachel Kumar ~  

Aki’s Website: http://www.akikumar.com/home

~ ca, santa barbara...

Tom Ball

Tom Ball’s acoustic blues harp style is very inspired by Sonny Terry. Mr. Terry was one of my first inspirations when I took to the harmonica so I’m right at home when I hear Tom play. Playing together with his guitarist, Kenny Sultan, these videos brings me back to the good old days when I watched Sonny and Brownie perform. Here is a link to another Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&x-yt-ts=1421914688&v=YkgPNAZQ6Bs  photo by Kimberly Clarke Citro    

Their Website: http://www.tomballkennysultan.com/main.html

~ FR, les sables-d'olonne...


Christelle Berthon

Christelle ‘Harp Queen’ Berthon is an unstoppable force on this instrument destined for legendary recognition.” ~ (Jason Ricci)…


Her site is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christelle-Berthon/101202036676


And now, here is a 2nd video you “Gear Heads” must see…

The "Harp Queen", Electrified Pedal Board Review and Blues in G...



~ CA, ontario...

Carlos del Junco

Carlos del Junco specializes in playing the diatonic harmonica using the overblow technique resulting in a Jazz/Blues style.

Check out his site at: http://carlosdeljunco.com/

~ sp, sao carlos...

David Tanganelli,

This is a player I’ve found on Youtube and I just wish he would tour the U.S. soon. David really knows how to work the crowd which is the heart of performing well. I’m looking forward to more videos of this musician and after viewing I’m sure you will be too. Photo is by Thais Luz Tanganelli.Check out David's  New Album - It's Free



Visit his website: http://www.davidtanganelli.com/


~ se, stockholm...

Filip Jers

“Filip Jers is an international known harmonica player from Stockholm Sweden. At the age of 27 he has performed in almost 30 countries; Europe, Asia and North America”.(From Filip Jers home page) Hear him perform Jazz/Blues in 12 Positions - WOW! Visit: http://www.filipjers.com/ - Note: Press Photo by Viktor Jers.


Alexander Paclin


I found a very short bio about this amazing young harp player/artist so I will refer you to his sponsor’s website and YouTube Channel. You have to hear this man play…



Alexander's YouTube Channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/APaclin

~ harp humor & Something different...

Light bulb jokes:

How many harmonica players does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A: Only one, but he'll go through a whole box of bulbs before he finds the right one.

How many harmonic players does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A: Don't worry about the changes man, just blow! 

How many harp players does it take to change a lightbulb? 
A: Five. One to change the bulb and four to contemplate how Little Walter would have done it. 

~ 6 Things a serious harp player will do...

~ My List,  Not in Any Particular Order & Subject to Change at a Moment’s Notice ~

  1. Listen to the Blues daily, as well as, other music but primarily blues and blues harp players in particular.
  2. Attend "The Woodshed" Daily– Perfect Style & Technique with Practice. Take lessons from instructional audios/videos, other harp players they know and/or self study I.E. listening to recordings.
  3. Listen carefully to what they sound like. Record their practice and gigs to get self-awareness.
  4. Work on perfecting their gear – Got to have their amplified sound as they like it. Even acoustic players need amplification at gigs.
  5. Play with other musicians including other harp players.  Playin’ in and playin’ out, such as at open mic’s and or gigs.
  6. Look towards developing a personal style that they are comfortable with. We may all start out by imitating the masters but where does our individuality sit? Master players bring something unique to their sound and to the world of harmonica music. What's your list?


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